I'm a natural light photographer, meaning, I prefer to use the light that's naturally all around us. While I do sometimes employ other forms of artificial light I do not have a studio. I shoot everything on location which means I come to you!* This also makes it easier on your pets and you! They won't be stressed out going somewhere new and will be more relaxed and happy in their photos. We can do the session at your home or a favorite location of your choice. So whether your pet is a socialite or an introvert, we can make it work! 

*please note: all outdoor sessions will be subject to date change due to any inclement weather forecasts. 24 hour notice will be given in such cases.

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     You, your human children or other family members can also be in the shots as well! I love capturing the interactions between pets and their owners. We will discuss that during your pre session consultation. However, I only shoot pets or pets with their people. I do not currently photograph people only.

        It's not just cats and dogs either! Whoever it is that you adore, from mice to birds to pigs to horses, let's capture their cuteness and beauty in long-lasting images!

      After booking, I will send you a session package via email which will contain a questionnaire so I can get to know your pet beforehand, contracts, a product pricing list and any other info you need to know ahead of time. Please feel free to ask about anything you are unsure of. I am here to make your pet's photography session run smoothly!


     We can have your session anywhere you like, granted we have permission to be there. Whether it's in the comfort of your own home, at your favorite park or hiking spot, on the riverwalk or downtown, at your's all up to you! (Cats will only be done at your home for safety reasons, unless you have some crazy, well trained cat, who loves being on a leash!)    

     If you want to have your session at an outdoor location but are unsure of where, I can help you find a place that's perfect for you! I love the outdoors and exploring many of the local parks and trails in the area. So feel free to ask for ideas!     

     And if you are wondering about your dog around running loose in the park, they won't be. Dogs must be on a leash at all times during your session, outside of your home & yard. I can easily remove any leashes from the images in post processing so don't worry!

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     On the day of your photoshoot, i will take the time to greet your pet, get to know each other and let them examine my camera as it may be new thing to them as well!

     If we are doing a dog photoshoot on location they will most likely need time to explore their surroundings. Getting to the location ahead of time so they can do that is ideal, but I am also open to taking shots of their excitement upon arrival. Friends or family are also welcome to hang out at the photoshoot as long as it's not too much of a distraction for your pet.

     I understand pets can sometimes be shy. I have a few myself that prefer to hide away. I will take the time to let them see I am their friend and there is nothing to worry about. I am not afraid to lay on the ground and play with them! There is no rush during your session and sometimes it takes a bit to get comfortable enough to capture the best images. However, if for some reason there are too afraid, we can always try again another day and then i will be a familiar face.


     After your session, i will start the editing process, which will take about two weeks. Session images will vary between 5-10 for mini sessions and 20-30 for hour long sessions. All final edits will be placed into a private online viewing gallery for you and anyone you share it with to look at and order from.

     I am more than happy to meet up with you post session to show you samples of the various products you can order but it's not a requirement. I can also bring samples to the photoshoot for you to look at. I understand everyone has a busy life, so online ordering is the quick and easy way to find the products you think you will enjoy best. 

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